Associate to Bachelor’s: Finishing College in Nashua


Granite State College student at graduation.

“I want to graduate by the time I’m 25.”

This was the goal that Jessica set for herself when she began her college journey. She used this goal to fuel to power through the long hours, late nights, and sacrifice that came with balancing a college education while supporting herself, and her young son.

I became a mother at the age of 16. I always knew I wanted to attend college. I didn’t think it was possible after getting pregnant at such a young age.

Jessica started her college education in an associate degree program at Nashua Community College. As a human resources administrator at a nonprofit organization in Nashua, her education helped Jessica develop a great foundation to build her career and she wanted a bachelor’s degree to qualify her for even more great opportunities.

I took a year off before returning to school to obtain my bachelor’s degree. Granite State was a great fit for me since it offered numerous programs that relate to my career.

With a strong focus on her career, Jessica had a certain vision for how she will use her degree to make advancements.

I assist the Director of Human Resources and I wear many hats, often taking on extra projects. There are special focus areas within HR. My goal was to use my bachelor’s degree to gain experience in some of these specialized areas, like organizational analysis, employee welfare, and recruitment.

The online environment was essential for Jessica.

While earning my degree, I was a single mother of an eight year old boy and I worked full-time. There was no way a face-to-face classroom setting could fit into my schedule. If taking online classes wasn’t an option, I could not have done it.

Through Granite State’s partnership with Nashua Community College, Jessica heard about the ways she may be able to apply her transfer credit.

When I first sat down with my advisor, she mapped out the required courses that I’d need to take and helped show me how my credits transfer in. It was a solid plan and I felt very comfortable about getting my degree and building my career path.

With the support of her advisor, Jessica was able to fast track her ambitious timeline to finish her degree by the age of 25. She brought an intensity and focus to her courses and was proud to earn a spot on the Dean’s List each term.

Overall, Granite State College allowed me to go further than I had ever imagined!

2015 Granite State College graduate with family.

Jessica’s focus and determination paid off. By her 25th birthday, Jessica had completed her course requirements and was able to graduate! At the Commencement Ceremony, she was surrounded by loved ones to celebrate her achievement, including her son. Jessica was particularly proud of graduating with honors and becoming the first female granddaughter from both her mom and dad’s side of the family to earn a college degree (out of a total of 29 grandchildren!).

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