Sales Skills in Every Sector

How Non-sales Professionals Use Sales in their Career If you‘re employed outside of the business sector, you may not think of sales skills as something you apply in your own work. For some, sales has a reputation problem; characterized by stereotypes and caricatures of “pushy salesmen” who may withhold information, maximize their own profits, and shortchange the customer. Despite these ... Read MoreRead More

Personal Statement 101: Five Tips to Telling Your Story

When reviewing personal statements, our program directors want to understand your intentions. They want to know how you will use the graduate program as an opportunity. Will you use it to improve yourself, or impact your personal effectiveness, or to attain specific professional goals? If you have never written a personal statement and are unsure of where to begin, don’t ... Read MoreRead More

Specialize Your Business Career

15 Career Paths for Business Majors From industry growth and job stability, to competitive salaries and a versatile range of positions, careers in business have mass appeal. Getting the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology or innovative products and services is exciting and attracts motivated professionals in every industry and setting. In a competitive job market, it’s helpful to find ... Read MoreRead More

4 Dynamic Health and Wellness Career Paths

The health care field is booming with career opportunities. While nursing positions and health care management roles are well-known career pathways, additional opportunities are available that you may not be as familiar with, specifically jobs within health and wellness. Health and wellness is a great fit for people who want to be a part of the health care ecosystem, but ... Read MoreRead More

Remote Teaching Tips for Teacher Candidates

We ♥️ Our Teachers! A new school year typically comes with a surge of energy and optimism for teachers and students alike. With the widespread shift to online learning during the 2020-2021 school year, this year is going to be different. Teachers will be faced with unique challenges and students will experience the growing pains that come with a transition ... Read MoreRead More

Technical Requirements for Online Course Success

Online learning is quickly becoming the norm; however, if you’re new to this format, you may be wondering if you have access to the right technology and possess the skills necessary to be successful. The good news: you do not need to invest in the most sophisticated computer on the market, become an IT pro, or upgrade to the most ... Read MoreRead More

Remote Job Interviews: Success Tips from the Pros!

Job seekers and employers alike are adjusting to remote job interviews. While this is quickly becoming the new normal, the entire process can seem impersonal and well, just a touch awkward. If you’re doing your due diligence to prepare for a virtual job interview, but are still feeling unsure of yourself, you’re not alone. An internet search will quickly give ... Read MoreRead More

How to Ask for a Professional Reference

For adult students considering their next education or career move, a professional reference is an important part of the process. Whether applying to a new job or master’s degree program, ensuring you choose the right individuals to be a professional reference for you is a crucial part of the process. You will want to choose professional references who can speak ... Read MoreRead More

Advantages of Graduate Certificate Programs

Advancing your education beyond a bachelor’s degree is a critical move for many individuals who are trying to take the next step in their career. Traditionally this meant pursuing a master’s degree, but as the landscape has grown and diversified, so have the education pathways. There is no such thing as a one size fits all education or career model, ... Read MoreRead More

Working Full-time, Aura Earns Her Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degree

Alumna Fulfills Her Purpose While she describes herself as a work-in-progress, Aura Huot quietly inspires. At just 18 years-old, and with a handful of prior college credits and the full support of her loving parents, Aura moved from Colombia to the United States. Eventually, she pursued her associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree—all while building her career—with the help of her ... Read MoreRead More

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