Paula gets her Post-Baccalaureate Teacher Certification

Paula Schoonmaker reached many milestones before attending Granite State College: receiving a bachelor’s degree, getting married, and raising her children. As an undergraduate, Paula studied Biology and Chemistry. She always regretted not getting her teaching certification. But like many working adults, she found her calling through hands-on career experience and identifying the things that interested her most about her job. ... Read MoreRead More

From Community College to Granite State: A transfer student’s journey…

When we announced our partnership with Nashua Community College (NCC), the news quickly caught the attention of Bruno.Read More

A look at the impact of our master degree programs in NH and beyond!

They’re protecting the natural resources in your neighborhood. They’re finding the right leadership prescription for today’s every-changing health care industry. They’re community champions who help connect young people to leadership opportunities.Read More

Father / Fire Fighter: how taking online classes & credit for career makes the difference

Mike is a third generation fire fighter in the City of Manchester. Mid-way through his career he knew that if he wanted to ascend the ranks, getting his degree was important. He took some hands-on courses in Fire Science at a New Hampshire Community College, which were superb, but he wanted a more versatile degree. He looked into Granite State ... Read MoreRead More

Top 5 Moments from Granite State College’s 2015 Commencement

There were so many memorable moments of this year’s Commencement. A few of them stood out for us. Check out our top five #granitegrad moments.Read More

Granite Grad Uses Master’s of Science in Leadership Degree to Inspire

Siddartha’s inspiration comes from helping others. For more than ten years, he worked for the New Hampshire National Guard:Read More

A Closer Look at the Origins of our On Campus and Online Master’s Degrees

Shelia’s employer strongly encouraged her to further her education to strengthen as a manager. Rob Fishwick, a respiratory therapist at a local hospital, wants to be part of the solution to the complex, evolving issues surrounding health care. Elizabeth Lathrop was excited to expand her professional portfolio and she found it invigorating to be back in the classroom. It’s the ... Read MoreRead More

What it’s Like When Mom is Completing a College Degree

At the 2014 graduation ceremony, Anne Dubois triumphantly crossed the stage, grabbed her diploma, hugged the Granite State College administrator who handed it to her, and matched the cheers that her family and friends were delivering from the audience.Read More

Top 10 Reasons Granite State College is Great for Working Moms

As a working mom, you don’t have much free time. Your life is divided between career and family. A normal day starts early, ends late, and is typically full of dramas, deadlines, and an occasional commotion. Is it gratifying? You bet! Can it be a bit overwhelming? Absolutely. But, you deserve, and can have, a fulfilling family life and a ... Read MoreRead More

Celebrating International Nurses Day and our RN to BSN degree program!

If you think about the balancing act that a nurse has in their everyday life and compare it to the balancing act that a working adult student manages, you’ll see a lot of cross-over.Read More

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