Career Tips from Our Alumni

Get Ahead in Your Business Career As a job seeker, getting sound career advice is incredibly valuable, especially if it’s from someone who shares a similar background. That’s why we’re delighted to share a collection of business career tips from our alumni community!Read More

Online Student Seeks to Build a More Inclusive Community

Martin Toe: Civic Leader Each year, emerging young leaders across New Hampshire are honored by Stay Work Play, a nonprofit committed to attracting and retaining more young people, during their Annual Rising Stars Awards. Among the 2020 award recipients is business management major, Martin Toe ‘21, who was named the Civic Leader of the Year for his efforts to make ... Read MoreRead More

Five Steps to Consider when Transitioning from Recent College Grad to Employee

Congratulations! You are going to graduate from your degree program soon and it’s time to celebrate. With this important milestone, there are likely some significant and exciting transitions on the horizon. Whether you are beginning a job search, changing your career, or advancing to new heights, you’re about to embark on a journey that will present dynamic opportunities, but also ... Read MoreRead More

Great Resume Writing Starts Here: The Do’s And Don’ts

Resume trends change regularly. Knowing what’s new and what’s considered passé can make the difference between scoring an interview, or having your resume fall into the dreaded “no” pile. Follow the tips below to create a great up-to-date resume!Read More

Nonprofit Careers: When Mission Matters

It’s easy to consider working for a large corporation. Pay and benefits are often above average and sometimes there’s prestige in having a certain company’s name on your resume. But maybe you want a job for which you feel an emotional bond, with a mission that you can support. You want to make a difference on day one, not only ... Read MoreRead More

Faculty Profile: Mercedes Hunt, Business and Finance Programs

Senior Lecturer and Director for Business and Finance Programs Mercedes Hunt has worked in a variety of positions and fields. She has planned international conferences and events, managed nonprofits, overseen summer camps, worked in the aquatic industry, consulted organizations on sustainability and emergency response planning, taught outdoor experiential education, and taught college courses in leadership, sustainability, hospitality, events and tourism.Read More

New Hampshire Leader Pursues Project Management Degree

Always Moving Forward Lorrie Embraces a Project Management Mindset As the Director of Personnel for the State of New Hampshire, Lorrie Rudis is responsible for nurturing talent and supporting state workers. She helps senior leaders identify the best ways to systematically increase the knowledge, skills, and aptitudes of employees so they may perform functions critical to New Hampshire’s infrastructure and ... Read MoreRead More

Sales Skills in Every Sector

How Non-sales Professionals Use Sales in their Career If you‘re employed outside of the business sector, you may not think of sales skills as something you apply in your own work. For some, sales has a reputation problem; characterized by stereotypes and caricatures of “pushy salesmen” who may withhold information, maximize their own profits, and shortchange the customer. Despite these ... Read MoreRead More

Personal Statement 101: Five Tips to Telling Your Story

When reviewing personal statements, our program directors want to understand your intentions. They want to know how you will use the graduate program as an opportunity. Will you use it to improve yourself, or impact your personal effectiveness, or to attain specific professional goals? If you have never written a personal statement and are unsure of where to begin, don’t ... Read MoreRead More

Specialize Your Business Career

15 Career Paths for Business Majors From industry growth and job stability, to competitive salaries and a versatile range of positions, careers in business have mass appeal. Getting the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology or innovative products and services is exciting and attracts motivated professionals in every industry and setting. In a competitive job market, it’s helpful to find ... Read MoreRead More

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