Addiction Recovery Careers Opportunities

The field of human services and behavioral health is in high need of qualified professionals to support the increasingly complex needs of patients, especially patients who struggle with substance misuse and addiction. Across the U.S., addiction is a widespread issue and you’d be hard-pressed to find a place that’s not immune. 1 in 7 Americans will personally face addiction at ... Read MoreRead More

Five Steps to Consider when Transitioning from Recent College Grad to Employee

Congratulations! You are going to graduate from your degree program soon and it’s time to celebrate. With this important milestone, there are likely some significant and exciting transitions on the horizon. Whether you are beginning a job search, changing your career, or advancing to new heights, you’re about to embark on a journey that will present dynamic opportunities, but also ... Read MoreRead More

The MVPs of the Workforce: Administrative Assistant Careers

Essential Skills and Qualities You Gain in an Entry-level Administrative Position When you have big dreams for your career—and a solid plan to help you reach them—working in an administrative or secretarial position can make you feel like you’re tethered to work that doesn’t fully reflect your potential or drive. We’ve come a long way since the days when a ... Read MoreRead More

How College Became an Attainable Dream for One Online Student

Breaking through Barriers: Denee’s Story Denee ’19 is a leader both at work and in her community. She’s in the home stretch of her online associate degree and is a member of the College’s honor society. You would never imagine that she’s also a high school dropout who earned her GED as a teen, entered the workforce right away, and ... Read MoreRead More

Essential Communication Skills You May Be Missing: Business Careers

At work, have you ever felt the energy get sucked out of the room after a communication mishap? This happens to everyone, even to the most productive and engaged teams. More often than not, what makes these situations so tense is that they don’t stem from large issues; rather, it develops as a result of smaller communication lapses that build ... Read MoreRead More

Non-traditional Students: How Different Types of Students Thrive Online

Imagining yourself as a student in an online classroom isn’t always easy to do—especially if you’re new to the learning environment and don’t know what to expect. But just because it’s hard to imagine, doesn’t mean you won’t find success there! The online classroom hosts students from diverse backgrounds with a variety of goals, and each offers different qualities to ... Read MoreRead More

How to Develop New Leadership Skills and Practices

If you want to get ahead in your career, strong leadership skills are essential, but how do you build and nurture these qualities? With something as broad and far reaching as “leadership,” it’s hard to pinpoint exactly where to start.Read More

Growing Leadership with an Online Public Service Degree

The Changing Needs of Public Service Leaders and How a College Degree Can Help From the opioid epidemic to cybercrime and mass shootings, these high profile national public safety threats are changing how our public service leaders approach emergency preparedness situations. Police, Fire, and Emergency Medical Services units are challenged to manage increasingly complex incidents in a world that’s highly connected and ... Read MoreRead More

Building a Health Care Career: Rob Pursues a Healthcare Masters Online

An Emerging 21st Century Health Care Leader As society’s health care needs grow, pressure is put on the workforce to keep pace. Today, there are one million more openings for health care positions than there are qualified employees. This gap challenges managers and practitioners across health care organizations to be more resourceful and innovative. It’s changing how the health care ... Read MoreRead More

Online Nursing Degrees for Working Nurses

For nurses already in the workforce, pursuing further education online has become a great way to advance their careers affordably and with the flexible scheduling they need. While there are many different types of online degrees, there are three options in particular for working nurses:Read More

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