Higher education is changing. Transfer credits aren’t limited to what you earned when you attended college in the past. If you’ve gained experience outside of the classroom setting, that matters, too. We value learning in all forms and that’s why we encourage you to explore Prior Learning Assessment.

Here are some ways you can demonstrate your college-level knowledge and gain more college credit:

  • Validated Training Programs

    In professional training programs, you can learn and master concepts that are similar to college coursework. Many career credentials are approved for college credit as they signal competence in a chosen field and mastery of a specific knowledge.

  • Equivalency Testing

    Passing scores on standardized tests could fulfill requirements for coursework, too. Examples include CLEP and DSST.

  • Experiential Learning Portfolio

    If you’re a seasoned professional, maybe you’ve mastered college-level coursework concepts through your work experience. We can help you document what you’ve learned in an Experiential Learning Portfolio and get it assessed for college credit.

  • College-Level Coursework

    Request transcripts from each college that you previously attended and we’ll work to maximize your incoming college credit to help save you time and money on your degree.

  • Military Training

    Each student is awarded four credits for Basic Training and is eligible for additional credits, which are assessed based on the student’s choice of degree and personal training experience. This follows the recommendations set by the American Council on Education.

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