Welcome to Granite State College

Whether you’re starting college for the first time, or returning to finish your degree, attending an orientation gives you a valuable introduction to the College that will help you feel prepared as a student.

At Granite State College, there are two types of essential orientations:

New Student Orientation

Overview of the resources and support available to you as a student, plus success tips for your first term at Granite State College!
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Online Orientation

Learn how to navigate your online courses and explore how information is typically organized in our online learning management system.
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New Student Orientation

On-Demand Orientation

Begin our self-paced, online, on-demand new student orientation! It's available 365/24/7, so you can return to it at any time if you need a refresher.

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Live Webinars

Several live orientations are held each term, including webinars for new students, new online learners, and post-baccalaureate teacher candidates.

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Graduate Student Orientation

A self-paced online course called "Graduate Resources and Orientation" is available online in your Canvas Dashboard.

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Here’s a preview of the topics you’ll cover in your orientation!

  • Our Community

    Learn more about what makes Granite State College unique!

  • Technology Systems & Accounts

    Get introduced to the systems you’ll use as a student and receive guidance on setting up your accounts.

  • Student Success Tips

    Tips and techniques on how to stay organized as a student.

  • The First Week

    Learn how to prepare in the days leading up to your first class, and hear our advice for a successful first week.

  • Student Support Services

    As you may expect, your academic advisor will serve as the “captain” of your team, but you also have the support of a certified careeer counselor, online and in-person tutors, librarian for online research help, and more!

Online Orientation

Our online orientations will teach you how to successfully navigate your online courses. In these sessions, you’ll explore your homepage, learn how to find your faculty contact information, and get an overview of how each class is generally organized. You can either attend a live webinar, or access a self-paced tutorial (information below).

2021 Online Course Changes
Granite State College has used Moodle to power its online courses for nearly a decade; however, the College is currently transitioning to Canvas, a best-in-class online learning management system.
2021 Spring Term:
  • Undergraduate courses delivered in Moodle
  • Master’s-level courses delivered in Canvas
2021 Summer Term
  • All courses delivered in Canvas

Live Webinars

Register now for a Live Webinar, led by an expert from our online team.

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Our self-paced tutorial is available to students on-demand (login required).

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