Working Full-time, Aura Earns Her Associate, Bachelor’s, and Master’s Degree

Alumna Fulfills Her Purpose While she describes herself as a work-in-progress, Aura Huot quietly inspires. At just 18 years-old, and with a handful of prior college credits and the full support of her loving parents, Aura moved from Colombia to the United States. Eventually, she pursued her associate, bachelor’s, and master’s degree—all while building her career—with the help of her ... Read MoreRead More

Prepare for a Virtual Job Interview

Virtual job interviews are becoming a more integral element of the job search process. For employers, it serves as an efficient, low-cost alternative to conducting interviews in person. Phone interviews are a longstanding, widely used practice that most job seekers have encountered during their career. Over the course of the past decade, a whole new range of options has been ... Read MoreRead More

Health Care Management Degrees: Exploring Opportunities Across 5 Career Pathways

Those working in health care management have a rich and diverse range of core responsibilities. Professionals in the field are actively engaged in the business side of the health care industry including operations, budgeting, policy, and more. Health care management is a great fit for those who are passionate about health care, but have interests and talents outside of nursing ... Read MoreRead More

New Hampshire State Trooper Earns His Bachelor’s Degree

A Continuous Improvement Mindset In the world of project management, the continuous improvement model reflects the idea that organizations can enhance their operations by making smaller, incremental improvements to services, products, and work processes. Tom Lencki was introduced to continuous improvement when he started his journey taking Lean Project Management workshops, made available to him as an employee of the ... Read MoreRead More

4 Skills from the Sales Playbook to Apply in Any Career

In the business sector, the sales division helps fuel growth and strengthens customer loyalty. To be successful in sales, there are a range of communication skills and tactics used to cultivate a new audience of customers, attract them to your brand, and continuously work to align your customers’ needs to your product or service. Sales techniques are effective at developing ... Read MoreRead More

Student Secure $2.3 Million Grant for Housing Improvements in Manchester

In May 2019, representatives from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) were performing a site visit to assess several properties managed by the Manchester Housing and Redevelopment Authority (MHRA). During their visit, the HUD personnel noted that several of the elevator systems were out-of-date and suggested that they look into grant funding to make these necessary ... Read MoreRead More

Addiction Recovery Careers Opportunities

The field of human services and behavioral health is in high need of qualified professionals to support the increasingly complex needs of patients, especially patients who struggle with substance misuse and addiction. Across the U.S., addiction is a widespread issue and you’d be hard-pressed to find a place that’s not immune. 1 in 7 Americans will personally face addiction at ... Read MoreRead More

When Education and Military Service Meet

Tiffany Earns her Bachelor’s Using Military Benefits At the end of high school, most people make specific choices about their future: college, military service, getting a job, or pursuing other passions. Tiffany Honeycutt didn’t necessarily fit into just one of those boxes and luckily, she found a pathway that didn’t require her to choose. In 2017, seven months pregnant and ... Read MoreRead More

Five Steps to Consider when Transitioning from Recent College Grad to Employee

Congratulations! You are going to graduate from your degree program soon and it’s time to celebrate. With this important milestone, there are likely some significant and exciting transitions on the horizon. Whether you are beginning a job search, changing your career, or advancing to new heights, you’re about to embark on a journey that will present dynamic opportunities, but also ... Read MoreRead More

The MVPs of the Workforce: Administrative Assistant Careers

Essential Skills and Qualities You Gain in an Entry-level Administrative Position When you have big dreams for your career—and a solid plan to help you reach them—working in an administrative or secretarial position can make you feel like you’re tethered to work that doesn’t fully reflect your potential or drive. We’ve come a long way since the days when a ... Read MoreRead More

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