Alumni & Friends Scholarship Awarded for Fall 2021 Term

Granite State College seal.

October 4, 2021

The Granite State College Alumni & Friends Scholarship for the 2021 Fall Term was recently awarded to three deserving students: Beth Brown, Ashley Gore, and Michelle Grabowski.

Applicants were asked to submit an essay about their experiences, motivations, goals, and any special circumstances related to their educational goals.

Beth is currently pursuing her B.S. in Applied Studies – Education and Training and plans to finish her degree in Spring of 2022. Prior to her current career as a high school culinary instructor, Beth was a professional chef for 20 years. In her essay, Beth’s passion for her career shined through. “I have always been passionate about mentoring and training the next generation of hospitality workers,” Beth wrote. “The chef instructor position was a natural transition from industry into education. Fostering relationships and watching students gain confidence while practicing both soft and technical skills are the best aspects of my job.” After completing her bachelor’s degree, Beth plans to enroll in a graduate degree program that involves educational leadership.

Ashley earned her A.S. in Behavioral Science in 2012 and is currently pursuing her B.S. in Psychology. Since she was young, Ashley has held a lifelong ambition to graduate from a four-year college and eventually become a psychologist. But, at only 18 years old, Ashley made the difficult decision to walk away from a traditional college experience to focus on supporting her newborn son. As a young adult, Ashley watched as friends struggled with addiction. Ashley cites this as one of the main reasons she decided to focus on youth psychology. “I believe stepping in to advocate for these kids at a young age will truly make a difference in their lives and help direct them to a more positive path as they become adults,” she shared. Upon completing her B.S. in Psychology, Ashley plans to pursue her master’s in school psychology.

Motivated by her desire to help others through a career in human services, Michelle returned to college at 50 years old. Reflecting on lifelong learning, Michelle wrote that the “aging process is not for the faint of heart,” a sentiment many adult students can relate to. Michelle is pursuing her B.S. in Human Services and her career goals include working with the homeless population and aging adults because they are particularly close to her heart.

The Alumni & Friends Scholarship is designed to provide financial assistance to eligible Granite State College students who are pursuing a bachelor’s degree. Criteria for selection includes full-time or part-time enrollment in a bachelor’s degree program, having completed a minimum of 12 credits and two terms, and demonstrating need level as determined by FAFSA.

To apply for the Alumni & Friends Scholarship for the upcoming semester, click here.