Full Life, Busy Routine… also a student

The “nontraditional” view of a college student is our normin fact, nearly half of all college students in the U.S. are aged 25 or older, yet most perceptions are wrapped around a traditionally-aged 18 to 22-year-old student audience. For those who don’t fit this mold, it can make you question whether or not you should return to college or begin this journey as an adult. However, a college education is always within your reach, even if you fit the “nontraditional” mold.

Our students and alumni are living examples of how 50% of college students wear many hatswork, family, and other commitmentswhile also, a student.

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When most picture a “college student,” they don’t visualize adults with full-time jobs, or parents rushing home to greet their kids at the bus stop. At first, they may not envision hardworking nurses, firefighters, and veterans, or those who are pursuing a new career direction in their 30s or 40s. Yet, these are our students.

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To those wondering whether or not you can fit college into your routine, ultimately that choice is personal to you. But, at Granite State College, what we can offer is an online classroom full of like-minded people who are in the same position, as well as faculty, alumni, and staff members who understand.

Derek ’20

Veteran, Youth Hockey Coach… also a student.

Derek, a thrice-deployed Marine who saw action in Iraq three times between 2003 and 2005, currently serves in the New Hampshire National Guard in the Recruit Training Company in Center Strafford, New Hampshire. A sports enthusiast and youth hockey coach in his spare time, he is pursuing a B.S. in Communication Studies. In the short-term, much of what he learns in his Granite State College classes can be applied on-the-job. In the long-term, he hopes his degree can help him transition to civilian career that combines communications with his passion for hockey and sports.

Meet Derek

Alicia ’18

Aspiring Social Worker, Manchester Native… also a student.

In her high school years, Alicia fell in with the wrong crowd. Her grades began to suffer, she watched a close friend battle addiction, and she was in a position where her own future was at risk. With the support of her family, she sought out the help of a social worker and began to built a new vision for her future. From this point forward, Alicia has been focused on building a career that makes a positive difference in the lives of others.

Meet Alicia

Tami ’18

Mother, Leader… also a student.

After overcoming personal struggles that prevented her from being her best self, Tami decided to pursue her associate degree at the age of 31 with two young children. The confidence she gained while earning her degree inspired her to start and grow her own business that encourages others to lead a healthy life. After reaching successes, she returned to Granite State College for her bachelor’s in Business Management, during which time both of her kids were finishing their college degrees, too!

Meet Tami

Martin '20

Change Maker,
also a student.

MacKenzie '19

Community Activist, Volunteer…
also a student.

Melissa '19

Proud Mother,
also a student.

Melissa '20

Rollery Derby Champ, Financial Aid Expert…
also a student.

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