Our Mission

The mission of Granite State College is to expand access to public higher education to adults of all ages throughout the state of New Hampshire and beyond.

Our Vision

Granite State College will be nationally recognized as a leader in meeting the academic needs of adult students by offering programs and services of the highest quality that address the educational and workforce priorities of our state and region. Our statewide presence, unique programs, and responsive delivery models will enable the college to provide a greater number and more diverse group of students with increased educational opportunities.

Granite State College will continue to be the institution of choice for individuals who wish to be part of a teaching and learning environment that actively promotes academic success, personal development, professional growth, and community involvement.

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The Granite State College mission is to provide access to public higher education to adults of all ages throughout the State of New Hampshire and beyond.

While that statement is accurate, it also seems incomplete, because it is not explicit about where that access to public higher education can take you.

Certainly, learning has inherent value, but learning harnessed to purpose is powerful. That’s what can transform lives, create opportunities, strengthen communities, and change the world.

At Granite State College, our vision is to work with motivated students like you to achieve those goals that require knowledge, and competencies, and experience harnessed to purpose.

With 100% online courses, face-to-face offerings, and credit awarded for prior learning, we at Granite State College are here to help you to succeed.

Core Values

The mission and vision statements of Granite State College reflect the following core values identified as key elements in successfully meeting the educational needs of our students:

  • Our primary commitment to and respect for adult learners of all ages, for whom our innovative college programs are designed
  • Our commitment to ensure access for all adult learners in the state of New Hampshire who desire a college-level education, and the consequent commitment to make college geographically proximate and financially affordable
  • Our belief that learning is a lifelong process
  • Our determination to provide an academic experience that extends critical thinking throughout the curriculum, integrates theory and practice, has a foundation in the liberal arts and sciences, and fosters self-directed learning
  • Our belief that effective teaching and learning results in assessable outcomes
  • Our determination to have a positive social and economic impact on the communities in which our learners are members
  • Our commitment to diversity and the educational value that inclusion brings to the learning experience
  • Our recognition that staff and faculty are vital members of our learning community and the college respects and values their essential contribution to the education of our learners. Hence, the college will support the lifelong learning goals of our staff and faculty