Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

Post-Baccalaureate Mentors


In this field-based program, candidates work with three mentors throughout their plan of study:

  • Granite State College (GSC) professor
  • GSC Field Placement Faculty
  • Supervising Teacher in the School/Program (chosen by the candidate, this mentor should be an experienced teacher who holds the certification being sought)


GSC Field Placement Faculty and Observations

The GSC Field Placement Faculty will observe the teacher candidate for the methods courses listed in the provided chart.

Each of these courses has an additional $250 fee to cover the on-going supervision and support of the field-based experience. Candidates will be required to teach lessons and be observed by the GSC Field Placement Faculty.

PBTC Methods Courses
EDU701 EDU702 EDU703 EDU704 EDU708 EDU710
EDU710A EDU711 EDU711A EDU712 EDU713 EDU732
EDU733 EDU734 EDU736 EDU737 EDU738 EDU739
EDU740 EDU741 EDU742 EDU743 EDU745 EDU746
EDU747 EDU748 EDU752 EDU753 EDU764 EDU765