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I'm Curious

I'm Curious

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Our goal is to be a value added to your decision-making process.

Whether you need basic details about our admissions criteria, or if you want to discuss which program is a better fit for your goals, we will carefully work with you to get the answers you seek.

When you inquire, there are several options to choose from for your next steps, each designed to complement various stages of a decision-making process.

On our inquiry form, we ask “how can we help you?” Let’s explore each of the options and go over how GSC typically responds to each scenario.

This will keep you in the driver’s seat of your graduate school search and help you know what to expect.


Put me in touch with a program director

When you select this option on the inquiry form, GSC will know that you’ve done quite a bit of research and you’re deeply considering applying. At this point, your questions are more sophisticated. You may want to discuss details about the capstone or other courses, or learn more about the career outlook of each degree. This is where a program director, the person who would be your academic advisor, can really help.

Register me for a webinar.

The webinars are designed for people who have a collection of questions that they’d like to address in a short amount of time. Common questions include: when can I start, how long does it take to complete the program, how much does it cost, what courses are offered, how the courses are delivered, and what are the admissions requirements. Webinars take place at least once a month and are typically after work or during “lunch hour” (eastern standard time).

Contact me to discuss options.

If you are early in your search process and just need some more background materials, this is the best route for you. One of our representatives will get in touch to provide more information and assess what resources could be interesting or valuable to you.

Send me additional information.

We understand that not everyone who is researching graduate programs is ready to dive in right away. Select this option if you simply want to open the lines of communication and keep GSC on your radar for future reference when the timing is right.