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Your experience matters

We embrace your professional expertise and technical skills as part of the academic experience. This approach allows you to put your full focus on the high-level concepts in your chosen program. As a student, you’re charge is to connect these concepts to your own industry and enrich the classroom dialogue with a unique perspective.

The benefit: being immersed in the advanced concepts will encourage you to cultivate your own goals and put them directly into practice!

The classroom

Graduate-level courses are offered fully online or blended—a format that combines face-to-face and online instruction. In both settings, vibrant dialogue and transformative experiences take place.

Your student colleagues

Every industry can benefit from strong management, leadership, and skillful project management. As such, our student population represents a diverse set of professional backgrounds. In addition to the mentorship that students experience from the faculty, they also deeply value peer mentorship among their fellow students in our master’s degree programs.


Jenn: IT Professional

Elaine: Education & Technology

Peter: Social Services