Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

Humanities (B.A.)

B.A. Humanities

If you have an associate degree in a related field from a regionally accredited college in a humanities program or a related area, consider pursuing Granite State College’s Bachelor of Arts Degree Completion Pathway in Humanities. This degree program serves as a foundation for future studies, or for a variety of professions, through its emphasis on critical thinking, writing, reflection, and research in such interdisciplinary areas of study as arts, literature, history, philosophy, and ethics. Specific careers may include: Writer, Communications Coordinator, Editor, Reporter, Journalist, Humanities Teacher (non-public school setting), Media Relations Director, and Researcher. 

Students will:

  • gain an introduction to interdisciplinary study of the human condition, past and present.
  • develop skills of analysis, critical assessment, and effective communication through the study of diverse works in the humanities.
  • develop knowledge and skills in the liberal arts.
  • gain understanding about a variety of disciplines related to the humanities to prepare for further study.
  • complete a capstone project which integrates acquired knowledge and capabilities in the study of the humanities.

Flexible delivery formats such as evening, online, hybrid, and weekend intensive courses ensure that the program is accessible to working adults of all ages. In addition, this degree allows a seamless transition from the associate to the baccalaureate degree. See a list of required courses for this program on our Curriculum Map. Download a printable version of the curriculum map.