Granite State College: University System of New Hampshire

BAIS with Teacher Certification

Program Information and Application Procedures

Earning a BAIS with teacher certification is an efficient way to begin your teaching career! Students begin with courses that focus on their content area and complete their program by engaging in field-based component.

Content Areas
During your first 60 credits, your program will focus on the content areas of English Language Arts, Social Studies, or Math Studies.
Prior to completing the last 60 credits of the degree, the Teacher Candidate must complete and submit the Declaration of Candidacy form before beginning the field-based component. Please review the form and the Undergraduate Teacher Preparation Handbook for details.
Field-Based Component
For the remaining 60-68 credits, you will work in an approved educational setting as a volunteer, paraeducator, or teacher for a minimum of 10 hours per week. The School of Education will assist with field placement in a volunteer position if needed. The goals of this work and expected outcomes include:
-Mentorship of the teacher candidate by a highly skilled professional in the field
-Gain hands-on experience working with children in an educational setting
-Build teaching capacity over time